Puppy Love





Six year old Son has a girlfriend. They had a play date yesterday. At her house. Believe me, I was dying to see how their romance is unfolding  - or what six year olds who plan to marry do on a play date – but she’s afraid of dogs and well, our new puppy’s here to stay.


I’ve met Girlfriend’s mom before but don’t know her well so I delicately traded emails when setting up the date.


“Son’s a bit smitten,” I wrote.


“Girlfriend has a crush, too.”


“Good, it’s mutual.”


I was glad to hear that Son wasn’t swooning alone. But what exactly did all this mean for two six year olds when they get together?


Girlfriend’s mom texted me mid-afternoon on the day.


“There’s a lot of talk of love and marriage going on. They’re really cute!”


When I arrived to pick him up, they were in the playroom playing Wii. Baseball. She’s cool.


“They were really sweet,” Girlfriend’s Mom said. “They talked about getting married and moving to Florida. They played outside until it started to rain and then they went upstairs to her room.”


I looked at her wide-eyed.


“I went upstairs to check on them,” she said with a smile. “And they were sitting on her bed…. Reading to each other.”


I guess that’s what six year olds do in the bedroom.


Over dinner that night, I asked Son about his play date.


“So you were making big plans, huh?”


“Yeah, we’re getting married and we’re going to have three kids. We don’t know if it will be one boy and two girls, or two girls and one boy. Or, it could be just boys. Or girls. We want it to be surprised.”


I thought about Girlfriend’s baby sister, their third child, who came along a couple months ago.


“She has a new baby sister, doesn’t she?”


“Yeah, and her nanny’s having a baby soon.”


And that’s how six year olds process things. Imitate, pretend, corral your friends to come along for the ride. Buckle up, Son.



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