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In a rally shortly before the election, Michelle Obama noted that her primary job is that of Mom in Chief. Don’t you love that title? And, it’s more relevant to motherhood than ever. As her husband, Barack, selects his cabinet and focus for the administration during difficult times for our country, many mommies are also strategizing during difficult times for their families. The one difference: We play Mom in Chief and the entire Cabinet, too.

Here’s what I’m trying to tackle right now:

As Secretary of the Household Treasury: I went through the family budget spreadsheet and made some drastic cuts to weekly spending. Away went went the housecleaner. Should I buy Son’s winter coat at Walmart instead of Patagonia this year?

As Secretary of the State of preschool relations and playdates: Can I negotiate a weekly playdate exchange to replace one afternoon of childcare? Should I end direct discussions with mothers who never return the invitation?

As Chief of Family Staff: I’m insisting that Husband start scooping the litter and help more with the weekly cleaning. I’m mandating less sugar and salty kid foods in the shopping cart and more family music making.

And, as Attorney General Mom: I’m only threatening Time Outs when I will actually follow up and use them and commiting to cease my endless threats… “Put that down right now or I’ll take it away!”

Too bad they can’t vote me out in four years!

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