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Welcome to Mommy Truths – my new blog devoted to giving tips based on what I’m learning raising my two toddlers (S, 19 mo. and C, 3 1/2 years). I also plan to opine about certain subjects (lead tainted toys, global warming’s effect on our kids, banned cough medicines) so be prepared! Please post your feedback so we can have meaningful discussions.

Weather Warnings
Now, on to the strange weather we’ve been having. In four decades of living, I’ve never experienced 85 degree days in October! It’s absurd and rather frightening. I keep thinking, this is another one of those early warning signs. At some future time, when the seasons are long gone as we know and remember them and our efforts to finally conserve energy are simply too little too late, will we look back and say “I remember when it all started…” Signs I’ve seen this week such as daffodils blooming along the road in October, my dead tomato plant growing two new tomatoes after basking in the summer-like sunshine, my children red-faced and perspiring while picking apples.

I’m starting to experience a nagging, daily fear for my children’s future on this planet. Will they never know cool, crisp October mornings when the leaves are turning and apple picking requires a wool sweater? Will their kids play on a completely different coast line. Sure, this can simply be part of a normal weather cycle. But, come on, after having lived this long it’s hard to believe.

We all need to start really thinking about the minor tweaks we can make to our lifestyles to make this planet friendlier for our children’s futures. Here are some early suggestions. Please share your own!

  • Stop idling when you wait in line to pick up your kids
  • Look for ways to carpool
  • Pack refillable water bottles or straw cups instead of purchased bottled water in your kids’ lunches
  • Teach children to turn lights off in rooms they leave
  • Devote times to play at home versus filling days with outings to entertain the kids
  • Think of more ways to be a green family and share them with others!

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  1. I’m with you on this one. This one frightens me a lot, although I try not to pass my fear on to other people. Another really easy thing we can all do is to sign up for clean electrical energy through our local utility providers. For example, in our town, we get our electricity through CL&P. You can tell CL&P that you want your energy provided by Sterling, a NE-based company that generates power through a combo of wind, landfill gas and small hydro. It will add about 5% to your fuel bill, but I consider it a very worthwhile donation to the environment. You don’t need to change a thing in your house. We have the technology already, now we need to create the demand for it!

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