Green Cleaning Fruits and More


Ever wonder whether your fresh fruit is clean enough for your baby or toddler? Are you using the right solution? Did you wash it long enough to remove all the harmful pesticides and bacteria? Well, these types of questions have long lingered in my mind and plagued me as C. or S. bite into apples, grapes or pears. I’ve tried veggie washes, bathing fruit in soapy water and simply rinsing it.

Then, my husband arrived from work one day, recalling a story he’d heard on NPR on the drive home. The segment, What Does it Take to Clean Fresh Food, noted that Cooks Illustrated editors had tested water and other solutions to determine what was safest. The result? Vinegar and water. Yes, a cheap, easy to create home-based solution. The best approach is to mix one part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle (the kind you use for plants). Spray the fruit several times then rinse with cold water. That’s it. I do this as soon as I bring the fruit home then put it in a bowl. (My son tends to grab apples at will so this way I know they’re clean!)

I also use the vinegar and water solution to spray down my kids’ lunchboxes when they arrive home. It wipes out any lingering odor and cleans them well. Plus, I know it’s safe if any food comes into contact with the bottom of their lunchbox.

Finally, vinegar and water is also a good solution for countertops. While not recommended for granite, it’s a great stand in if you’re out of an alternative.

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