Real Mommy: Sitting When She Can


Jen, from Westport, CT, has three kids: A daughter (5), son (4) and son(3).

What time do your kids get up in the morning?
6:30 – that’s when they usually show up in my bed, staggered.

Did any sleep with you last night?
Probably. I don’t always notice until the second one comes in and wakes me up enough to notice how many people are in my bed.

What do you feed your kids when you can’t come up with anything else?

What do they love most in their lunchbox?
Chicken roll-up with lettuce and mayo

If you have a short break, what’s the first thing you do for the house?

For yourself?

When was the last time you went out with your husband? Where?
Valentine’s Day – to a restaurant

When was the last time you went out with the girls? Where?
Last night – with some other Moms from Kindergarten class

What’s your latest charitable act?
Does a donation to a theatre company count? If not, donations to a friend with breast cancer so she can afford hats, wigs.

How much TV do your kids really watch?
~90 min at night.

Do you care?
I do, but can’t keep my sanity without it.

What’s your favorite TV show?
American Idol right now

What do you like most about working full-time outside the home?
Independence, the paycheck, and ok, I’ll admit it – Control

What item can’t you live without?

What do you covet?
Guilt-free time alone

What do you want your kids to remember most about their childhood?
They laughed a lot, were loved unconditionally, had the freedom to express themselves and were set up for success.

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