Real Mommy Interview: Quality Garage Time


Jennifer, a former freelance journalist who still finds time to write (and read) on the side, has three daughters ages 8, 4-1/2 and 3



What time do your kids get up in the morning?


My early bird is up around 6:30 or 7:00 Regular bird is up at 7:30, and sleepyhead is dragged out of bed at 7:45


Did any sleep with you last night?


Yes, my eight-year-old sleeps with me when my husband is traveling on business (often)


What do you feed your kids when you can’t come up with anything else?


Good ole’ scrambled eggs (organic, of course)


What do they love most in their lunchbox?


Homemade mini-muffins, “Fruitabu” sticks


If you have a short break, what’s the first thing you do for the house?


Try to manage the seemingly unlimited number of papers stacked everywhere – children’s artwork, things to sign, invitations, magazines and catalogs, bills …


For yourself?


A workout


When was the last time you went out with your husband? Where?


We’re pretty good about going out. We made it to a movie, “Julie & Julia,” last week, and had dinner afterwards. You’ can’t NOT go out to dinner after seeing that movie.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve done/place you’ve gone to get a moment to yourself?


If I’m coming home from an appointment that requires me to hire a babysitter, I sometimes sit in my car, in the garage, and read the mail, a magazine, or the Weston Forum that’s just been collected from the mailbox. Or I return emails on my Blackberry. I look at my watch and wait to go upstairs until I know the kids have been fed, so I don’t have to enter the mealtime fray.


What’s your latest charitable act?


Wish I was better at that. I took some clothes and shoes to a mission in Bridgeport, CT, but that didn’t cost me anything but time.


How much TV do your kids really watch?


Very little when my husband is in town, but when he’s away, I turn it on so I can cook dinner. Sometimes it stays on way too long, like two hours!


Do you care?


I do, because my TV monitoring has gotten more lax as I’ve had more kids. For instance, my 8-year-old saw Sponge Bob for the first time about 6 months ago, and my youngest was 2-1/2, watching right alongside her. They watch it all the time now and I get too lazy to fight it.


What’s your favorite TV show?


30 Rock, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried.


What do you like most about still working?


I’m a freelance writer and photographer. I work when I can and will do more at some point, for sure.


What item can’t you live without?


My laptop


What do you covet?


A big renovated colonial farmhouse with a porch


What’s the most recent memorable comment one of your children made?


My middle daughter, age 4, handed me my bra from off the floor (where a lot of my clothes live these days) and said, “Look mama, here are your booby containers.”


What do you want your kids to remember most about their childhood?


I hope they will remember how much they were loved and how much time we spent together. I also hope we can spend a lot of that time on vacations in places like Maine in August or anyplace warm! 

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