Real Mommy: Freedom to Play


Alex has two girls, ages three and four. She and her husband recently relocated to Argentina from Washington, DC.


What time do your kids get up in the morning?




Did any sleep with you last night?




What do you feed your kids when you can’t come up with anything else?




What do they love most in their lunchbox?


They don’t have a lunchbox. One eats in the school cafeteria and the other at home.


If you have a short break, what’s the first thing you do for the house?


Nothing! In Argentina I’m lucky to have lots of help.


For yourself?


Read the Washington Post online.


When was the last time you went out with your husband? Where?


A month ago–to an Indian restaurant.


When was the last time you went out with the girls? Where?


Yesterday, to watch the Argentina-Ecuador football game in a bar.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve done/place you’ve gone to get a moment to yourself?


Taken a shower.


What’s your latest charitable act?


Giving away used kids clothes.


How much TV do your kids really watch?


Goes in phases. An average 45 minutes a day.


Do you care?


Yes. I try not to let myself get in the habit of letting them.


What’s your favorite TV show?


The Office.


Do you think about going back to work? What would you do?


I have a leave of absence from work and go back next year. In the meantime, I am enjoying every minute of time off.


What item can’t you live without?


My computer (for email with friends).


What do you covet?


A beach house.


What do you want your kids to remember most about their childhood?


Freedom (to play).


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