Great Summer Books for Preschoolers


When I was young, I loved it when my Mom dropped me off at the library and I could pick out great summer books to read. My kids can’t read yet but I’m loving a few books that I’m reading to them at night.

Rattletrap Car
June, Jakie, Papa and Baby try to make it to the lake in their rattletrap car. They depend on a few toys and marshmallow chocolate fudge delight to get them there. It’s a perfect read for a hot, hot day with wonderful pictures and rhymes.

A House for Hermit Crab
We got a paperback version of this great tale as a favor after a maritime birthday party (isn’t that a great idea?). Hermit crab finds various items from the sea to decorate his shell. It’s educational and has a great message about making a change just after we’ve gotten settled in. It also makes our search for hermit crabs at the beach even more fun.

Philippe in Monet’s Garden
Daughter’s cousins gave her this for her second birthday. I’m currently reading it to 4-year old son since it’s a bit more his speed. It’s a fun, quirky frog adventure with a little Impressionism thrown in. Published by Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

More Books
My friend Liz, who is a middle school librarian, just launched a great new site recommending books for children of all ages. She covers many age groups and posts valuable comments about each book. Check it out Bibliotechies at

Happy Reading!

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